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Network Infrastructure

Critical to the effectiveness of any modern information technology system is the availability of effective network and communication infrastructure.

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Web Development

The web has come to stay so they say, but the web really isn’t staying as they suppose. We are conscious of the evolution of web technologies,

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Ip Security Solutions

We all with our rational minds do or can appreciate the cost of an investment and realize the need to protect it so as to enhance or maintain its value.

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Triune Built-Tech Solutions is an ICT Solutions & Innovations firm parading a hybrid team of youthful and seasoned hardware/software engineers, IT Business Professionals and Management Consultants from diverse Corporate and Technical backgrounds, providing combined centuries of expertise in delivering top-notch technological outputs and re-engineered systems for effectiveness across a broad spectrum of industry sectors. Our areas of expertise cover web strategies, network and communications infrastructure, security, applications development, IT Outsourcing and Consulting.

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Development Tool

HTML (100%)
CSS (95%)
PHP (90%)
C# (95%)
JAVA (90%)

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