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Triune Built-Tech Solutions

Triune Built-Tech Solutions LTD is an ICT Solutions & Innovations firm parading a hybrid team of youthful and seasoned hardware/software engineers, IT Business Professionals and Management Consultants from diverse Corporate and Technical backgrounds, providing combined centuries of expertise in delivering top-notch technological outputs and re-engineered systems for effectiveness across a broad spectrum of industry sectors. Our areas of expertise cover Web Strategies, Network and Communications Infrastructure, Security, Applications Development, IT Outsourcing, Need Assessment and Consulting.

Triune Built-Tech Solutions is a Proudly Nigerian firm, incorporated by the Corporate Affairs Commission- RC. 863121 Computer Professional (Registration Council of Nigeria) (CPN, 004968/2017), and registered/certified by The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) as a Competent ICT Company in Nigeria.

Our Vision

To Create a Platform for Ideas Commercialization.

Our Mission

To Serve as a Leading Light among our Peers, rendering World Class Services that will provide Quality Job Opportunities and Wealth Creation from both Home and Abroad.

Our Promises

To our Customer we promise to work diligently at improving the integrity of your organization through ICT, while building a strong, beneficial, and lasting relationship along the way. We believe every detail counts. That's why our attention to detail and quality auditing has been our specialty since day one. We have a deep resource,speaking of individuals whom we have carefully drafted from different spheres of expertise to create a legacy team at Triune Built-tech Solutions. We are emboldened by our beliefs and our service quality to assert our superiority overall our competitors, and that Is why you should work with us - our reasons given as follows:

Simplicity: Technology is intended to make life easier and simplifying tasks. At TBS we do not apply “techie” words while relatingwith our customers. Our utmost pleasure is simply in getting the Job done.

Esteemed Relationships: Our Client is our Task Master but usually we get the Job done together and we are happy at our achievements. Loyalty is traditional to us as we offer 24-7 real timesupport being the true friends we are!

Fresh Perspectives: Trend is akin to technology and so are we in thinking. Our inclination is towards new andBETTER methods while not discarding proven older and TRUSTED setups.

Speed: Time is of much value to us, therefore making it count for you is our goal. Our Planning and Methods are unique to us helping us deliver on target.