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ICT Development

Our Organization harbours a strong passion for Social and Development activities and strongly believes in the engagement of ICTs in development. From publicly available web based systems to internally used software we are committed to ensuring that governments perform their domestic duties and render services to the public with more efficiency. We are particular about simple – simple in everything from processes to design such that common tasks are performed quicker and easier by both party and thus reducing walk-in traffic and workload for your establishment.

Everything from enquiries, registry, inventory, personnel, budgeting and planning, Monitoring & Evaluation, Procurement and Projects to the automation of services offered to the public such as Registration, Filings, License Applications, and Surveys etc. can be deployed by us.

Our commitment is to provide unparalleled services to our clients, working hard to carefully assess their needs and implement appropriate solutions. Our e-Gov team comprises Information Analysts, Knowledge & Change Management leaders and United Nations certified e-Gov specialists. We also offer training services to acquaint and equip your staff with necessary knowledge for successful utilization of e-Government systems which we find to be of concern to government employees. We are exploring Innovative means of improving on existing Online Government to Citizen (C2G) Communication and Collaboration tools, developing several Applications along this reasoning.