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IT Outsourcing

We would like to see your business grow – and this we believe to be a shared concern. TBS Outsourcing arm offers an advantage for medium to large scale enterprises, or project managers, contractors and consultants who would require expertise in areas outside their human capital and to deploy their targeted ICT program, application or system in their organizations at higher efficiency and comparatively lower costs.

Should you require the need of trusted and verified IT staff for employment, through us you can find the ultimate resource to fulfil your need - we are equipped with the paraphernalia of technical competence and a projected IT professional manpower put at 3,000 offering various IT services – from App developers & database managers of various categories to Network installations/Server configuration engineers and other certified enterprise applications consultants you might require for your business.

We own a comprehensive, regularly updated IT personnel database and are in partnership with a professional recruitment agency to assist your organization with planning and successful recruitment of various levels of IT professionals, both full-time and contract based.