Smart Shelving Systems

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Smart Shelving Systems

Triune Smart Shelving Systems are painstakingly designed to boost the document capacity, and ease the difficulties of the Traditional Shelving system, it also incorporates innovative design features, such as the unique four-post hybrid concept, to address specific storage circumstances.

The storage possibilities are endless, items like tires, plants, evidence files, archives and office supplies, specimens and artefacts, sporting equipment, medical supplies, tool parts and more.

Triune Smart Shelves provide an optional Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system for tagging and easy retrieval of  items stored in the shelves. The RFID system includes an RFID printer which prints/registers the tags placed on storage items and a handheld scanner used to locate an item on the aisle or compartment where it is stored.

The good thing is that our shelving solution is fireproof as each component of the shelve is coated and built with fire resistant materials ensuring that fire incidents does not affect critical documents as it has been the case in many government institutions.